1.Who are the tallest people? Why?
Ans: Bil is the tallest people because we measure the height of everybody and compare. It shows that Bill is the tallest person in the class.

2. What's the relationship between hand width and height?
Ans: My hand have weight 7 cm and have height 17 cm.

3.Who has the largest width of arms? Do they play sports?
Ans: Bill has the largest width of arms. He didn't play sports.

4.Is eyebrow width related the length of hair? Why or why not?
Not related because hair and eyebrow are not the same things.

5.Is the length of your pinky related to your grade in the class?
Ans: No related
Description of method                        length                           width

-folder                                            7.02 meter                      3.2 meter

This assignment I work with Wan and Memee. We measure the stairwell from first to third floors. We measure how long folder is it and when we know it. We use folder to measure the stairs.

The percentage

The percentage is number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100.It is often denoted using the percent sign (%). A percentage is a dimensionless number.